Rendezvous at SkyWaft

   Last Saturday I went to a rooftop restaurantat JP Nagar known as Skywaft quite popular for its rooftop view, I along with my friends wanted to spend a quality time because it had been quite a long time we couldn’t meet for our hectic, busy schedule so we unanimously chose Skywaft for a blissful Saturday evening hangout. When I reached this place it was around 7 in the evening, I was scintillated by the ambiance as it was very appealing, the lights, the interior and decor was very captivating, we were then comfortably seated and rejoicing the breeze of cool air in the best rooftop pubs and bars in Bangalore .
 Later, the waiter arrived along with the menu; I was quite surprised for we don’t always see warmth, hospitality and discipline in the attendant. He explained us briefly about the specialties of  Skywaft and he told us that  Skywaft also has Best Buffet in JP Nagar and biryani is a must try. It is often preferred by many customers because  Skywaft happens to serve the exquisitely the finest Andhra cuisine and that makes it one of the best Andhra Style Restaurants. It was quite cold and breezy so I thought that spicy biryani would be flavorsome. He also explained us about scrumptious taste of Chinese and continental cuisine and its savory. I along with my friends decided to order special Guntur chicken and Andhra stylebiryani as our order arrived the aroma of the food made me certain that our food would definitely taste delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed my food; I rejoiced each bite and ate with relish and contentment.  I could also see that my friends were having a great time and were contented by the zest of the food. We also ordered drums of heaven which we ate with so much amusement because it tasted so wonderful and enjoyed my time blissfully at Sky Lounge Grill in JP Nagar.  The evening was also special because I was mesmerized by the karaoke night fusion and euphony which was so soothing for our ears.  I can tell you in totality the ambiance, the food and the music makes  Skywaft a place of great happiness and rapture and the perfect Karaoke Bars in Bangalore.

It was a memorable evening and I was so exhilarated and contented by the quality of food it was very fulfilling and delightful. I can say that Skywaft is a must visit and it is such a come-at-able and convenient for every person and one of the exceptional Pubs near Bannerghatta Road.   The distinctive taste of the Andhra cuisine, the design of the restaurant will incorporate glamour and incitement formed in a trendy way it creates a flawless atmosphere for fun, bash, party and celebration. The jaunt to Skywaft made last Saturday a very memorable evening for us to cherish and enjoy the finest  Rooftop Dining in Bangalore , I was whole heartedly gratified by the visit to  Skywaft and I would further encourage my friends and family to have a quality time  at this stunning Sky Bar in Bangalore with their respective close friends and family .

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  1. Thank you for visiting us ,appreciating and acknowledging our efforts ,we hope to see more of you in future at Skywaft.


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